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Festival Lineup


Corinna Jane

Corinna Jane is a Franco-British singer-songwriter born in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, but did most of her growing up in Northamptonshire, and was fed on a diet of MTV, her biggest passion has always been music. She began to play tunes by ear on the piano as a child, before taking up piano and singing lessons at the age of five and began composing when she was six.

Corinna has enjoyed airplay on numerous radio stations including BBC Radio 6 (Tom Robinson), BBC Introducing (Northampton, Bristol and "The Beat" East Midlands,) She was also interviewed on prime time London Live TV. 

Corinna collaborated with top German EDM producer Mark-Oh on "That Feeling" as a featured artist/co-writer that has gained over 150,000 + plays on Spotify. During lockdown, Corinna Jane has seen success with her acoustic piano/vocal covers of REM’s “Losing My Religion” and Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” rack up over a combined 400,000 plays on Spotify. 

Corinna Jane is about to launch her new EP "Queen Of Wands" which she recorded in Rome with producer Francesco Arpino. The lead single "Give Me A Sign", as featured above cathartically asks whether there is more to life than what we see; a track that Corinna can't wait to perform live with her band at the Yin and Yang Festival. 


Project Black Bird

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The "extraordinary" Project Blackbird, as BBC's Tom Robinson has called them, offers an atmospheric and genre-fluid listening experience that draws equally upon intellect and emotion. "Imagine a party at Ronnie Scott’s," one fan suggests, "where Sade, Björk, Jeff Beck, and David Byrne meet Portishead and then go for a late-night curry to exchange ideas…sublime”.


The band comprises Ming Nagel (lyrics, vocals), Alan Roberts (guitar), multi-instrumentalist Jamie Varley, and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jon Read, former trumpet player for The Specials.  Over the past two years, Project Blackbird has been honing their internal partnerships and crafting an increasingly confident and immersive sound – one that is evident in abundance in their live performances and on their eclectic new album.  Drawing upon intellect and emotion in equal measure, “If This Is the End” finds the band secure in their collective identity but not afraid to push the boundaries of creativity and expression.

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Carly Loasby Main.jpeg

Carly Loasby

'Carly Loasby is a singer-songwriter from Northamptonshire. She describes herself as a storyteller, often drawing from her own life experiences. Unafraid to tackle subjects that might make the listener feel intense emotion, she delivers authentic and compelling lyrics. The simplicity of the acoustic guitar allows space for her astonishingly powerful and husky vocal. The performance is theatrical, rock-inspired, and believable- a style of 'folk' that you will have never heard before.'

Blue Skies in June

Blue Skies in June are a collective of musicians showcasing edgy, strong, female vocals fuelled with harmonies, guitars, piano & passion.  They lift spirits and raise the roof performing indie twists as a sassy female-fronted band with a set that combines alternative 90’s songs through to current pop. Be prepared to feel energised and moved by songs you didn’t even realise you knew… 


Over the years Blue Skies in June have performed at numerous festivals and events across the Midlands and enjoy gigging at iconic venues in Leicester and Leicestershire.  Like the 90’s old school gig scene, you’ll only catch them performing live so be sure not to miss them! 

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Daniel Giardiello

An engaging singer and acoustic guitarist who covers a range of music from 60's Rock n' Roll foot tappers through to modern-day classics. With over 15 years of experience playing in pubs, private functions, and festivals across Leicestershire, Daniel offers something for everyone.




Halcyon has been DJaying now coming onto 5 years. He has always been drawn in by the escapism of music and creating sets that take people on a journey of emotion and feeling. It's all about the basic human need to transcend. Having gone through playing many styles and genres over the years, He has managed to really develop his own sound which will be showcased on his coming EP due to be released at the end of June.

Having built a name for himself in his hometown, Stoke-On-Trent, He is currently getting into the Manchester club scene which is also where he is studying for a degree in music production and business. 

Halycyon is has been invited to be one of our resident DJs this year and we can't wait to share his sound with you.